Trips – let us know – so we can plan!!



We can not plan a trip in a week or two — this process starts now!

We need to work on negotiating tickets, obtaining a hotel, ordering a bus – getting the costs of all of these in order so that we can prepare a cost per person – without the club losing money.

** NOTE ** – it is NOT in the club’s interest to make profits on these trips.  To be quite honest, our goal is to break EVEN  – if at all possible.  That is why when we set up these trips, that if we get more than a certain number of people, we DROP the prices.  The more that come – the less it costs YOU.

So, therefore, a BREAK-EVEN setup.

For Ottawa, we can not get a hotel in downtown, due to the Grey Cup final of the Canadian Football League (their version of a Super Bowl).  It is going to be played in downtown Ottawa, so hotel rooms there are at a premium.  The hotel we stayed at the last time that we were there, required a four night stay.  We are staying only one – so you get the picture.

However, we found out there are hotel options closer to the arena.  Yes – we don’t get the downtown Ottawa stuff (Parliament – etc.), but downtown Kanata has improved greatly since the arena was opened.

So we should get info on this soon — once we do – we will let you know.

I am hoping that by the middle of July – we will have trip costs in order.  Please keep checking on the site to get the updates.  WE NEED TO KNOW YOUR INTEREST.  Without that – these trips are

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